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2022 Season


February 2021 Chair Newsletter

February 2021 Chair Newsletter

2 Mar 2021

February 2021 Club Communication


Dear Members,

Another month has passed and this month’s message brings a lot more positivity, following the government  announcement and ECB guidelines on the return of cricket for the 2021 season. 


2021 Season 

We received guidance and communication from WCCB last week, off the back of the Government  announcement and the message given, was that they are planning with confidence, that all league fixtures will  go ahead as planned. This is great news and what we have all hoped for. I am awaiting further communication  in regards to what measures will need to be in place for the delivery of cricket and then it will be about ensuring  we comply with all COVID-19 safety measures. 



As we near the season, I know people have started to think about going to use the nets, as we’ve been lucky  enough to see a bit of sun recently. We still need to complete the maintenance of the nets and ensure their  safety before we open for use. This will be completed within the next week or so, therefore until you receive  further notice, please refrain from using the nets. We used a booking system successfully last year and will be  initiating this again, in line with the nets opening, again await further guidance shortly.

Our outdoor training schedule will also be starting in the not so distant future and I cant wait to see the ground  being used by our junior and adult sections this year. Again, this will all be distributed shortly, with all the dates  you will need. 


Ground Preparation & Maintenance 

We are still heavily working on a plan to maintain, fix and repair our buildings and surrounding areas, so that the  ground can be used to maximum potential, whilst also ensuring the health and safety of our members. 

In my last communication, I highlighted the current sorry state of affairs, some of our buildings are in and asked  members for their support, in forming a working group. I thank the one response I had and again I am asking for  more to step forward and lend a hand. The ground is somewhere we all spend ample time across the summer  and if we can all spend a few hours up there, we can make it a much nicer environment to spend time. 

So please, do send me an email if you are willing to support. 


Club Events 

March is going to see the first of our club events this year and is going to be a great way to start speaking to each  other again and driving the energy towards the season. 

On 26th March, we are going to be hosting a “PCC Club Quiz”, with prizes to be decided dependant on take up.  The event is going to be £10 per entrant and we hope to see as many as possible attend. The aim to get members  back engaged and also to allow us to in somewhat way, socialise again with each other. 

If you would like to register your interest, please just send me an email. Further information regarding the event  will also be sent out separately and put on all of our website and social media platforms.


Club Communications 

In the last month, we have spent a lot of time reviewing our website, Play-Cricket and all social media platforms,  to ensure we are using these in a manner that best communicates all club activities. I thank Callum Flay and  Harrison Burridge for coming forward and offering their support to Fraser in this department. 

With this in mind, can I please ask all members to follow our social media accounts, so that you are kept up to  date with all information. 

Website –

Play-Cricket –

Twitter – @PurtonCC 

Facebook – Purton Cricket Club



Firstly, I would like to personally thank all of our sponsors that support our club, their support is paramount into  the delivery of cricket at our club. 

We are currently developing areas of the ground, so that we can hold more advertisement boards and if this is  of interest to any of our members, please do get in touch and we can get this sorted for you.



I look forward to seeing you all soon and on our first social event this year, put it in your calendar and ensure  that this is well supported. 


Many thanks, 


Callum Wright 

Honorary Chair